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Synopsis of Whisper Me A Love Song Manga

Yori Asanagi is a mature girl in many ways but is still pure when it comes to romance. That sentiment is proven when an underclassman, Himari Kino, suddenly confesses love to her after her band performance at the freshman opening ceremony.

Confused and surprised, Yori asks her friends for consultation, but they tease her by saying that she is experiencing love. Yori soon makes up her mind and tries to return Himari’s feelings, but in a twist of events, she realizes that what Himari loved was not her, but her music!

As Yori continues to pursue her love for Himari, she promises to make Himari fall for her. However, will this passionate love bloom or remain unrequited?

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Whisper Me A Love Song Manga Review

I’m a fan of modern shoujo ai anime/manga. With that out of the way, let’s get right into it.

Sasayaku You ni Koi wo Utau or Whisper Me a Love Song in English reminds me of Bloom into You, both the story and the art. When I was 5 chapters in, it felt like I was reading a watered-down version of Bloom Into You. It explores conflicts two girls who have never been in a romantic relationship face in their daily lives… or does it? It does, but it rarely focuses on our couple and often focuses on the bad. I don’t like how conflicts arise every other chapter, and I say conflicts in the plural, but to be honest, there’s only one type of conflict in this manga which is always about the band. The resolve? Also related to the band. Granted the show has a musical aspect to it, but 27 chapters (as of writing) of conflicts surrounding the band gets a bit tiring to read over time.

The art is gorgeous. I said the art reminds me of Bloom Into You in the beginning, but the reason it reminds me of Bloom Into You is because of Kino Himari who looks like Koito Yuu from Bloom Into You, only more energetic and bashful. Nothing wrong with that. One of the prettiest manga I’ve read.

Some may say the characters are well-written, but I’d say that’s kind of far-fetched. They hardly ever talk anything out which is understandable because if they do talk anything out, the manga will end in 20 chapters. I usually don’t mind this kind of writing, but when the major characters were about to say something crucial, they would stop and say, ‘Actually, forget it’ almost all the time, it gets on my nerves. Repeat that for 27 chapters (as of writing) and you’ll see how tiring it is. That being said, they may get better in future chapters, so I’m counting on the author.

Despite my rather harsh criticism, I enjoy reading this series a lot. I recommend everyone who’s into shoujo ai to read Whisper Me a Love Song. It does feel like the watered-down version of Bloom Into You for like 5-6 chapters, but it gets better as you progress. Please give this manga a read.

Reviewer’s Rating: 9