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Synopsis of Whisper Me A Love Song Manga

Yori Asanagi is a mature girl in many ways but is still pure when it comes to romance. That sentiment is proven when an underclassman, Himari Kino, suddenly confesses love to her after her band performance at the freshman opening ceremony.

Confused and surprised, Yori asks her friends for consultation, but they tease her by saying that she is experiencing love. Yori soon makes up her mind and tries to return Himari’s feelings, but in a twist of events, she realizes that what Himari loved was not her, but her music!

As Yori continues to pursue her love for Himari, she promises to make Himari fall for her. However, will this passionate love bloom or remain unrequited?

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Whisper Me A Love Song Manga Review

I remember reading this when it was just released and yeah the main couple or the first few volumes is about them being wholesome but for me, I didn’t really enjoy it because the main couple doesn’t appeal to me and the story with almost not drama is boring to me.
I started to read again after seeing people spamming on the internet AkiShiho and so I started to get interested in them.
I’m not good at expressing and my vocabulary is small so I can only say Shiho is indeed the best girl!
She made me fall in love and made the story more interesting (at least for me). I like everything about her. I think the negative and positive parts of her make her perfect.
She’s so charming and I love how cute she is and at the same time so handsome.
Reviewer’s Rating: 8
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